Root Canal Treatment

The purpose of root canal therapy is to correct problems with the dental pulp. Dental pulp is the tissue inside the tooth which contains nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. Instead of removing teeth with infected nerves, Dr. Hatae performs modern procedures that allow the natural tooth to be saved. The procedure begins with the removal of the top of the tooth, which gives access to the dental pulp. The affected pulp is removed and the surrounding area is carefully cleaned to provide a clean and bondable surface for permanent filling. After the tooth is filled, a dental crown is placed to preserve and protect the tooth. Multiple visits are required for root canal therapy.

If the tooth cannot be saved, the patient may need dental implants or dentures to replace the lost tooth or teeth. Dental check-ups and cleanings twice a year help prevent severe tooth decay and loss. Call Hatae Family Dental to schedule your next dental appointment.

Fullerton Dentist Root Canal